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Do You Need Pest Control Insulation?

As winter approaches, you may see recommendations to improve your home's insulation to cut down on your heating bills. Why not kill two birds with one stone and purchse insulation that not only keepys your house warm, but also deters pests from entering your home. Specially-designed pest control insulation can help you in the following ways.

Reduced Air Flow

Traditional insulation is packed loosely and still allows air to flow through relatively freely even while it traps heat. This creates perfect aerated pockets for pests to build their nests in. Pest control insulation is designed to be virtually airtight. Even when oxygen isn't cut off completely, the reduced circulation will make the space significantly less inviting to pests.

Built-In Pesticides

Pest control insulation has a built-in layer of pesticides. Because it's packed away in your attic or walls, it's completely safe for children and pets. However, as pests try to chew their way through, they'll ingest the pesticide and be stopped dead in their tracks.

Borate Additives

Borate is a special material that damages the outer shells of many types of insects and is also toxic when ingested. It is blended with the insulation so that insects feel its effects even years after installation.

Reduced Sound

While this doesn't help with pest control, pest control insulation has the added benefit of reduced sound. This is thanks to the materials used. While traditional installation is solid with gaps in between it, allowing sound to channel and echo, pest control insulation has a series of sealed air pockets. Each time the sound passes through a pocket, it is diminished until it is eventually drowned out.

Reduced Costs

Not only is pest control insulation good at keeping unwanted critters out of your home, it can also be extremely cost efficient. By installing pest control insulation, homeowners can save up to 30% on their power bill because the insulation keeps the house cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters.

Installing Pest Control Insulation

Installing pest control insulation is a simple process. Existing insulation does not need to be removed unless it is an older type that has been deemed a safety hazard. Instead, pest control insulation can be added as an additional layer on top of the existing insulation with virtually the same energy-efficiency and pest control benefits as if only pest control insulation was used. To learn more about pest control insulation or to request an estimate, contact Breda Pest Management today.