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How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Thriving In Your Yard

Football season is kicking off in just a few days which means tailgating and backyard barbecues are upon us. But the year's above average rainfall totals have created quite the pesky little problem across metro Atlanta. In a word: Mosquitoes. Mosquito season begins in March and lasts until October, which is quite a long time to be stuck indoors to avoid the swarms of mosquitoes inhabiting our yards. Thanks to this year's rain and overcast days, mosquitoes are thriving more easily than ever. Mosquito control in your outdoor spaces is incredibly important, but keeping the mosquito population down can be problematic.

Eliminate Standing Water

The first three stages of the life cycles of both male and female mosquitoes occur in water. The water features in your yard, your children's kiddie pools and toys, and even in your home's gutters and downspouts are terrific breeding grounds for these blood suckers. Where water stands, mosquitoes land. While water features are a part of many people's landscaping, keeping other areas free of standing water is a must for effective mosquito control.

Here are some ways to eliminate common mosquito breeding grounds:

  • Remove objects like toys and spades from your yard
  • Empty buckets and pools of water and turn them over
  • Make sure there is no standing water on top of tarps. Once standing water is removed, fasten tarps tightly.

Keep Your Yard Maintained

During the day, mosquitoes gravitate toward shade and taller grasses. At night, they come out in search of the humans and warm-blooded animals on whom they feed. Staying inside after dusk and keeping your lawn maintained is another small aspect of mosquito control for your yard.

If you've done all you can on your own to rid yourself of these pesky pests and still find yourself in a swarm of mosquitoes every time you venture outside, the team at Breda Pest Management have your mosquito control solution.