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9 Reasons Why DIY Pest Control Doesn't Work

It's very tempting to look to DIY pest control methods to get rid of the pests in your home—whether you're trying to save a few dollars or are just trying to take care of the problem quickly. However, there are many reasons why DIY pest control treatments don't work (and can actually end up making the problem worse). Here are just a few:

9 Reasons DIY Pest Control Fails

  1. Venomous Insects: Trying to get rid of insects without being bitten by ones that can actually cause physical harm is difficult. From allergies to spider bites, venomous insects shouldn't be tampered with by amateurs. If you are bitten by a venomous insect, seek medical attention.
  2. Risk of Pesticide Poisoning: There's a reason those skulls and cross bones live on pesticide containers. Some pesticides are contact poisons while others can cause serious neurological damage. Keep these out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Not Getting to the Root of the Problem: Sure, you're getting the bugs that you see -- but what about all the ones that are hiding in the nest? You may be taking care of a few, but the problem is still growing.
  4. Respiratory Issues: Randomly spraying without knowing the pesticides you're using can create serious respiratory issues (up to and including permanent damage to your lungs) is extremely dangerous.
  5. Chemical Burns: Another potential hazard of using pesticides you're not familiar with is chemical burns. Pesticides are meant to kill pests, which means they can cause serious damage if you're not careful. Let the professionals who are trained in using chemical substances handle this job for you.
  6. House Fires: One commonly bandied-about remedy for bed bugs involves using a space heater or a torch to get rid of the pests. Unfortunately, these things are also a common cause of house fires.
  7. Unpredictable Animal Behavior: You might be able to corner that rat, squirrel, bat or raccoon, but how do you think the wildlife will react to being trapped and feeling threatened? Bites, scratches and animal-borne illnesses are not things you want to mess around with, especially considering that some of these animals could be carrying diseases like rabies.
  8. Scattering the Insects: If you see insects, you should start spraying, right? Wrong. Some insects will scatter when the spray is applied. This will spread them across the area—thus, causing more issues and making it harder to exterminate them.
  9. Not Looking in or Treating the Right Areas: Where should you put mouse traps if you want to get the best results? When should you check for carpenter ants? The fact that professional exterminators know pests is what makes so effective.

As you can see, DIY pest control methods can be sketchy at best. If you're ready to get rid of your pest problem, it's time to contact the professionals at Breda Pest Management. Our knowledgeable pest control experts can help get rid of your pests quickly and effectively.