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8 Cleaning Tips to Keep Bugs Out

If you're noticing bugs around your house, you're probably wondering where they are coming from and why they are coming in your home. Bugs are living things just like you and me, that means they need the essentials to life, food and water, just like we do. They will be trying to get into your home looking for food, water, shelter, and a safe place to reside and reproduce. That being said, the best strategy to thwart their efforts is to deny them of these needs, by cleaning!

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There are many kinds of bugs, but most of them are looking for the same things: food, water, and shelter. That being said, odors from food, excess moisture in the air, plumbing leaks, and clutter can be very alluring to bugs. Some bugs are also attracted to light, so be sure to off all lights when not in use. Some bugs are also attracted to human scents, so if you plan on going outside for an extended period of time consider wearing long clothing and a bug repellent.

Taking Action

Let's take a look at some of the best cleaning practices that will deter bugs from coming into your home.

1. Sweeping and Mopping - It is important to sweep and mop your kitchen floor on a regular basis. Food crumbs and other tasty morsels tend to fall on the floor and get forgotten about or hidden under cabinets. If ignored for an extended period of time these food debris can be a huge attractants to bugs, at an easily accessible location.

2. Doing the Dishes - This is one of the biggest offenders. Dirty dishes in the sink is a goldmine for bugs. Food and water in one location? Jackpot! If you're not going to wash your dishes after use, or load them into your dishwasher, you should always at least rinse the food off your dishes. Dispose of food scraps in the trash or down your garbage disposal, do not let food sit and rot in your sink.

3. Taking Out the Trash - Your trash can is a hotspot for odors. If you do not take it out on a regular basis, especially after throwing food scraps in it, food will begin to rot and cause very pungent scents. It is best to take out your trash daily if you frequently dispose of organic matter in it. Also be sure to have proper seal on your trash can that keeps most odors in, and makes it difficult for bugs to find it and get inside.

4. Sealing Food - After cooking, or opening up products, it is important to make sure you store the leftovers in properly sealed containers. You want to make sure you store away food in plastic, airtight containers to keep bugs out and odors in. Any product that does not come in a resealable container should be sealed up in a plastic container, this includes pet food.

5. Vacuuming - Carpets can often hide crumbs and build up dirt and debris. This is also a prime spot for bugs to hide and lay eggs. What carpet is harboring is not always visible from just looking at it, so by vacuuming on a regular basis you are eliminating and chance of an infestation forming right under your nose.

6. Washing - Especially if you notice a bug problem already, it is a good idea to wash anything bugs have come in contact with to be sure you eliminate any living bugs or eggs that were laid. You should also always rinse off and wash your body, and your pets, if you spend an extended amount of time outside, or in a wooded area.

7. Moisture Elimination - It is always a good idea to check your plumbing for leaks to prevent water damage, but also to prevent an oasis for bugs. Water closets, under sinks, and improper drainage systems can be dangerous spots for moisture build up. Also check your basement and crawl spaces to see how they handle heavy storms, and use dehumidifiers if needed.

8. Decluttering - Bugs love clutter because it provides them plenty of places to hide. Stacks of cardboard and paper are hotspots for bugs because on top of acting as a safe place to lay eggs, some bugs even eat them. Be sure to get rid of any extra boxes, newspapers, or other unnecessary clutter in your home.

By following these 8 tips you should notice a substantial decrease in bug activity in your home.

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