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5 Ways to Tell if You Have Termites in Your Home

As a long-time Atlanta pest control company, we have helped thousands of customers rid their homes and businesses of damaging and dangerous pests. An insect infestation threatens the health of your family, the value of your home and the longevity of your business, so it's important that you remain vigilant against this serious invasion of your property. A termite infestation is a common problem, especially in the humid climate of Georgia. How can you tell if you have these unwanted wood-boring pests in your home? Read on below to find out.

1) Hollow Wood

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Termites eat their way from the inside out of wooden structures. If you hear a hollow sound when you knock on the wood portions of your house, it could be because termites have already eaten their way through the wood. You should schedule a termite inspection with a reliable Atlanta exterminator as soon as possible.

2) Swarming or Discarded Wings

Termites often swarm around their new homes during the spring months. If you see a horde of winged insects or a pile of discarded wings around the foundations of your house, it's almost a sure sign that you have a termite problem. Call a termite specialist right away. You may just be able to control the problem before a full-blown infestation happens.

4) Dirt Tubes

Termites build mud or dirt tubes along a building's foundation so they will have a safe and stable access to their food source (the wood in your house) from their underground colonies. They are usually brown and have a diameter about the same size as a pencil, although some tubes may be larger.

5) Wood Damage

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Look out for cracks in veneers and small holes on plaster walls or drywall with dirt around the edges. Termites hollow out wood from inside causing a surface to sink or cave in. This can also cause damaged or buckling paint. Keeping your paint sealed is vital to keeping termites out of your home because insects can enter through a crack the width of a dime's edge.

6) Termite Droppings

As termites burrow into wood, they create holes on the surface to force out their waste or frass. These fecal pellets are typically dry and smooth with a powdery appearance. If you see any of these signs, there's a good chance you have a termite problem. Don't delay — schedule a pest and termite inspection with Breda Pest Management. Let us help you protect your home against pests, bugs and all types of insects. We use the latest technology and most effective products as part of our comprehensive Atlanta bug control programs.

If you happen to need termite treatment services, don't hesitate to contact us today!