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5 Signs You Need Pest Control Maintenance

While a clean home can go a long way towards keeping pests out, it's difficult to avoid them entirely without taking further preventive measures. Here are some signs that your do-it-yourself pest control actions (or lack thereof) aren't working and that it's time to schedule professional pest control maintenance.


Spiders are predators, not scavengers. That means they eat other bugs and not crumbs that they find on your floor. If you see one spider inside on occasion, it might have just followed you in. If you see several spiders within a short period of time or have a spider that's almost become your roommate, then this means there are enough bugs inside of your home to give them a steady food source and a reason to stay. Even if you don't see actual spiders, if you see plenty of webs in your house, that is an indicator that you may have a spider infestation.

Insect Remains

Insect remains, both whole insects and body parts, are most often found resting on a windowsill. This is because many insects will be attracted to the light from both the sun and the moon. If the insect remains are all of the same species, there is a good chance that your house is infested with this specficic type of pest. Remember, though, that these insects are coming from somewhere inside your house and if they got in, live insects may still be inside as well.


Whether they're insects or rodents, one common characteristic of pests is that they like to hide. You may never see them, but a trail of droppings proves that they are there. Look for droppings in your attic, in cabinets and on the floor near appliances or cracks in your walls. A few common types of droppings include small black pellets from roaches, poppy-seed-looking pellets from termites and piles of dust left by beetles and other small insects.

Wood Damage

Termites, rodents such as squirrels and certain types of birds can do major damage to a home as they burrow for food or shelter. While they may try to hide deep inside of your home, you can easily spot their entry points from the telltale signs of freshly chewed wood and sawdust. Termites have been known to create complex tunnel systems in the wood they devour and can even eat other materials used for building a house. Be diligent with searching for termites because often times they are detected after they have done considerable damage to your home.

Nests and Tracks

Your home itself often won't provide enough shelter for common pests. Many will build their own nests or tracks inside. Termites are especially known for building mud highways running between wood surfaces. Other signs of nesting include materials similar to paper, cobwebs (from spiders) and chewed up insulation. Anything that looks out of place should be checked to make sure it isn't just dirt.Breda Pest Management provides pest control maintenance services in the Metro Atlanta area. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.