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5 Signs You Have Termites

The damage termites can doA termite problem can quickly grow from a couple of signs that something isn't right to a full-blown infestation that costs you thousands of dollars in structural repair as a result of damage to your home. How do you know when you have termites in your home? These five signs will help you catch termites before you have serious problems.

5 Signs of Termite Problems

  1. Termite Tubes: These are created from mud. Termites use these to move around in your home. Also referred to as mud tunnels, termite tubes are necessary for a termite's survival, as the termites require a particular range of humidity and temperature. Termite tubes can grow up from the ground (where the termites are exploring for new food sources), up to wood (where the termites are working) or down from wood to reach the ground.
  2. Discarded Wings or Swarms: Termites have wings when they are swarming. However, they lose their wings once they find a location to reproduce and build a colony. Termites will twist off their wings once they find a good location— as the wings will no longer be needed.
  3. Damaged or Hollow-Sounding Wood: Termites chew and digest wood as they are spreading their colony—thus creating damaged or hollow-sounding wood. Because the termites prefer dark and humid surroundings, they work inside the wood instead of on the surface. If there is any damage to the wood, it's often near the bottom, at the ends or from the inside of a structure.
  4. Buckling or Damaged Paint: This is another sign of a termite issue, as the wood that is hollowed out and then settles causes damage to the paint. Keeping your paint sealed is vital to keeping termites out of your home because insects can enter through a crack the width of a dime's edge.
  5. Droppings, Also Referred to as Frass: These droppings are either loose or can be incorporated into the termite tubes. These small droppings are wood colored due to the termite's diet when setting up a new colony.

By keeping your eyes open for these signs, you can catch termite problems before they become too serious. If you have concerns about termites in your home, request a free consultation and get termite treatment services to have the problem taken care of professionally.