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5 Reasons Why Baiting Methods Are Obsolete

July 19, 2018

The times have changed. Technology is constantly advancing, and so are termite treatments. Gone are the days of hoping your problem is solved by those eyesores known as baiting systems. Termite treatments have reached a new high with Termidor HPII.

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Termidor HPII has revolutionized the termite treatment industry.

Don't believe us? Here are 5 reasons you should ditch your baiting system and upgrade to Termidor HPII:

1. Quick and Easy: Termidor HPII treatments are completed in about an hour. This means we will not be in your hair, or yard, all day. HPII only needs to be applied once every 10 years, and only requires one inspection per year. In comparison, bait stations typically require inspections 1-4 times per year. Additionally, product/baits need to be continually added throughout the time that they are installed and monitored in the case the problem is not being solved, or stations get damaged.

It only takes about three months to ensure the chemical will make it all the way through the different social casts of the colony, and finally kill the queen for total colony elimination.

2. Accurate and Effective: A treatment should be exactly that, a solution to a problem. There should be no chance or likelihood that the problem will still exist after a treatment. What are you paying for if the problem does not get resolved? With Termidor HPII there is a 100% chance the treatment will be effective in eliminating the termite colony, thus freeing you from the nightmare they create.

Termidor HPII utilizes an advanced onboard digital computer system that prevents the over or under usage of the product by providing the treatment readings within a tenth of an ounce. This eliminates human error and properly treats your yard, without causing any damage.

3. Painless and Clean: Termidor HPII doesn't disturb or destroy your yard! Bait stations, and other treatments, can be destructive or leave eyesores all over your yard. Termidor HPII's treatment is completely underground and nearly invisible to the naked eye. There is no digging, trenching, or rodding required around your home; application sights remain virtually unseen. Baiting stations are placed out in the open yard, only about 10 feet away from each other and can ruin the aesthetic of your yard.

Since the treatment is below soil grade, it is extremely effective at killing termites, but completely harmless to family members, animals, and important pollinators, such as bees.

4. Cheaper and Reliable: Bait stations require so much maintenance! Inspecting, monitoring, and refilling baits can be a nuisance and cost you for repeated treatment or upkeep. Bait stations also have a higher retreat rate, and those renewal rates tend to be more expensive than that of Termidor HPII.

Breda Pest Management's annual renewal rate is currently locked in at $195 a year (after the first year's treatment) for a total of 10 years! By sticking with bait stations you could cost yourself upwards of $300, depending on the number of stations needed to treat the termites in your yard.

5. Flawless and Worthwhile: Termidor HPII is one of the few ways that you can guarantee complete elimination of the termite colony. With treatments such as the bait stations, termites must find the stations before they can be controlled by the termite baits. They might even be able to sense them and avoid the stations completely, which makes the stations worthless. Termidor HPII is undetectable by termites and will always hit its target.

Treat yourself, and your yard, by tackling your termite troubles with Termidor HPII. For more information about Termidor HPII, check out our explicit and descriptive guide on the revolutionary product, The Future of Fighting Termites. Breda Pest Management is currently the only company in Georgia that is offering the advantages of treating your home with HPII. To schedule a termite treatment service or request a free consultation, contact us today.