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5 Myths About Pest Control

As professionals in the business, we've heard all kinds of myths and urban legends about pest control— from the seemingly reasonable to the completely crazy. Here are five of the top myths we've heard and the truth behind the stories.

Top 5 Pest Control Myths Heard at Breda Pest Management

  1. 1.Cheese is the best mouse bait. Who knew that decades of Tom & Jerry cartoons could be misleading! Mice have a fast metabolism rate, so they actually prefer sweet treats. Chocolate, a little bit of maple syrup, or other sweet candies are some treats that you can use for your trap. Additionally, peanut butter topping is actually at the top of the list of preferred baits. Dried fruit or cereal are also higher on the list than the cartoon renditions of a wedge of cheese. Whatever food you do choose, make sure that it is strong smelling so the mice can easily locate it.

  2. Bed bugs are only found in dirty homes. Actually, these bothersome pests are found anywhere they can find their best food source -- blood. They can hitch a ride on luggage from an infested hotel room or dorm, then take up residence in the darker cracks and crevices around your beds as they wait for the main course to arrive - you. They normally wait in bed springs and in the seams of mattresses. Female bed bugs can also lay between 200-500 eggs in their liftetime, so infestations can quickly escalate even if there are just a few bed bugs to start. Bed bugs are hard to actually spot, so watch out for black or brown stains on your mattress or linens that be bugs leave behind when they defecate.
  3. I don't need pest control because I have an ultrasonic device. There have never been any scientific studies to back up these devices (which have been sold to unsuspecting homeowners and renters for decades). The FTC has actually sued six companies and sent warning letters to countless more for making illegal, unproven claims
  4. I'm going to have more pests if my neighbor's house is sprayed. Your neighbor's house is sprayed with a pesticide, which kills pests. This is not a repellent that drives pests away. You might be more likely to notice pests you may have otherwise missed before your neighbor's spray job due to your increased attention and vigilance—but you will not an actual increase in the number of pests in your home due to your neighbor's spray.
  5. Boiling water kills ants. Yes, it does -- but only on the surface. Anthills often go so deep that by the time the boiling water gets to where the queen and the majority of the colony are—the water is just a warm resource the ants can use to continue building their colony.

Now you know the truth behind these myths. Isn't it time that you had a professional take care of the problem using proven scientific measures? Contact us today to find out what we can do for your home and why our exceptional service has made us one of Georgia's largest pest control companies.

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