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10 Most Dangerous Insects in the World

There are more than 900,000 known species of insects. They outnumber human beings by as much as 200 million to one. On average, there are 400 million insects per acre of land in the world. If the insects in the world ever unite, humanity would be in serious trouble. As pest control professionals, we deal with swarms, hordes and infestations of different types of insects all the time. We hope you never have to deal with the 10 critters below because they can be extremely dangerous to humans.

1. Asian Giant Hornet

Indigenous to eastern Asia, these insects can grow up to two inches long and have stingers that are a quarter of an inch in length. The venom of the Asian Giant Hornet can be potent enough to kill humans.

2. Assassin Caterpillar

With a name like this, how can you not help but fear this furry creature? Venomous bristles protrude from its body, and merely touching them can cause severe inflammation, followed by fever, vomiting and even death.

3. Tse Tse Fly

The source of a disease often referred to as sleeping sickness, these large biting flies are found in Africa. Symptoms of their bite include joint pain, headaches, numbness and (ironically enough) trouble sleeping.

4. Human Botfly

The parasitic female botfly attaches its eggs to mosquitoes and muscoid flies. When the hosts bite humans, the larvae burrow under the skin causing pain as well as the eruption of pus-filled lesions.

5. Kissing Bug

Attracted to the odors that humans exhale as they sleep, these insects usually bite people near the mouth, hence their name. Make no mistake though — these insects are dangerous. They carry Chagas disease, which begins with fever and swelling and can ultimately lead to heart failure or enlarged colons.

6. Fire Ant

Bites from these virulent creatures are extremely painful and can be deadly for people who are allergic to their venom.

7. Puss Caterpillar

The venomous spines of this creature lie under a cover of fur. Its venom can cause severe chest pains and breathing difficulties.

8. Deer Tick

This tiny insect can carry Lyme disease, and once infected, a person can exhibit symptoms such as a rash and fever. When left untreated, however, these symptoms can get worse, leading to serious heart and joint problems.

9. Mosquito

Carriers of several grave diseases like West Nile and malaria, this annoying buzzing insect kills up to one million people around the world each year.

10. Helminth

These parasitic organisms feed on living hosts, weakening them and making them vulnerable to several infectious and opportunistic diseases.Our many years of experience in pest control is your best guarantee of a safe and pest-free environment. Call us immediately if you suspect you have a insect infestation in your home or office or any other type of pest problem.

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