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Why DIY Wildlife Control Can Backfire: Know the Risks

October 01, 2023

DIY wildlife control might be tempting—but don't sacrifice safety to save a few dollars.

If you're a homeowner, you know that certain level of pride you'll feel when you're able to tackle a DIY project successfully. You show off that new kitchen backsplash or fresh deck stain to anyone you can and the "ooos" and "ahhhs" you receive will have you searching your house for your next DIY project.

Another tempting aspect of DIY projects is that they can save you money, which in today's economy can feel like a breath of fresh air. There are certain tasks or areas of home that you should leave off your DIY list, as painful as that may feel, and one of those tasks is DIY wildlife control.

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DIY Wildlife Control Risks

There is never a convenient time to find a pest in your house. When you hear scratching in the middle of the night or discover a nest on a Saturday evening, you might feel like the wildlife control baton has now been passed to you. There are some DIY wildlife control missions you can take on, like removing a random bird that flew in through an open door or window. (We will be the first to tell you that it is not worth calling a pest management company for something like that.)

But if you've spotted bats in your attic, or chewed wiring surrounded by droppings, or half-moon shaped holes on the exterior of your house's roofline, DIY wildlife control will definitely be a more risky decision. For example, bats will leave behind guano (bat droppings) and your first thought might be to just vacuum it up—problem solved, right? WRONG. Bat guano can carry disease and respiratory irritants, so by using a household vacuum, you are spreading the harmful remnants of that guano around your house.

Another risky DIY wildlife control task is trying to seal off entry points that you've spotted on the exterior of your house. Since many wildlife pests create entry points near the roofline or gutters of your house, you will be fairly high up on a ladder, juggling power tools and building supplies. Not the safest of situations! In addition to the potential danger to you, you might also prolong or escalate the damage being done to your attic by unknowingly sealing the wildlife inside.

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Leave It To The Wildlife Control Experts

As we mentioned in a previous blog, there are times when you can take on pest control as a homeowner. But when there is a possibility that you or your loved ones may be harmed or that your house will sustain unnecessary damage, wildlife removal and control should be entrusted to the professionals. As wildlife control experts, we have the training and the tools to get the job done correctly and thoroughly.

When you hire a pest management company, you are also benefiting from the service guarantee or warranty that many reputable companies offer to their wildlife removal customers. Wildlife pests can be determined masterminds when it comes to finding a safe, dry, and warm place to call home. If you've had critters removed and they somehow find a way back in, having a warranty will turn a bad situation into more of a minor inconvenience.

At BREDA Pest Management, we offer a renewable lifetime guarantee! With our Wildlife Guarantee, you can rest assured that if any wildlife returns to your property, our team of Quality Control technicians will promptly visit your home to address any concerns and make necessary repairs at no extra cost to you. Even if a critter chews a new entry point, our guarantee has got you covered.

If you're tired of wondering what the pests in or around your home are doing and just want them gone, don't hesitate to give us a call. The BREDA Guarantee promises to protect your home and keep it protected—no matter the circumstances. Schedule an inspection online or give us a call at 770-466-6700.