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Fun Home Improvement Ideas

March 05, 2020

Moving into a new home is both an exciting and daunting task. With a new home comes many "to-do's". You'll want to make sure your home is covered against termites, several rooms (or all) may need updated light fixtures, and often times you'll want to do some repainting. Lime green may just not be your idea of a cozy bedroom atmosphere. If you're making a move this winter, or just wanting an update to your current home, a fun way to get the job done is to throw a painting party. A monotonous task on your own can turn into an enjoyable day with some friends, music, and a promise of yummy lunch!

After the party, as you survey your beautifully painted new home, you may notice paint drops here and there on the floor. With DIY projects comes fun, personal satisfaction, and typically a bit more clean-up. In the event your floors need some cleaning, here are a few tips for removing the dry paint:

For water-based paint removal, scrape as much of the paint off as you can with a putty knife. Take a 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part lemon juice soaked rag and set it on the mark for 5 minutes. Then scrub the paint off with the rag and finish by wiping the spot clean with a damp rag. For either water-based or oil-based paint, next try a paint gun and and putty scrapper. If the paint is still not coming up, try a paint remover, like "Goof Off Paint Splatter." Still not working? If you're using oil-based paint, ventilate the room well and rub the spot with a rag dipped in paint thinner until the spot is removed. Make sure you don't rub so much as to remove the floor's finish.

Remember these tips when you throw your own painting party this winter!

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