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What is a Termite Clearance Letter and When Do You Need One?

January 01, 2024

Have you been asked for a termite clearance letter? Learn what it is and the best way to get one!

Buying, selling, or refinancing a house is a tedious process filled with multiple steps, piles of paperwork, and what can feel like dozens of flaming hoops to jump through. There's one part of this process that we want to help simplify for you: the termite clearance letter. If you've been asked for one by your mortgage lender and are unsure of what it is or where to even start with getting one, keep reading!

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What is a termite clearance letter?

If you're buying or selling a house, or you're refinancing your current house, you may be asked by your mortgage lender for a termite clearance letter. You will be asked for this letter no more than 30 days before your scheduled closing. What is a termite clearance letter? It's an official document that shows that your house was inspected for termites by a pest control expert and no current infestation was found.

As soon as your mortgage lender notifies you of the closing date for sale, purchase, or refinance of your house, schedule an appointment with a certified pest control company to perform a termite inspection. Even if your house passes the inspection, your mortgage lender will not accept the termite clearance letter if it is dated more than 30 days from your closing date.

Does a termite clearance letter require termite treatment?

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The termite clearance letter inspection does not require termite treatment, unless termite activity is discovered. Once a termite presence is no longer detected, then the pest control company will issue your termite clearance letter. Again, this is why it is highly recommended that you plan the inspection to meet the mortgage lender deadline but also give yourself enough time to take care of an infestation if it is found.

If you're purchasing a house in Georgia, remember that a termite clearance letter is simply a snapshot in time. A termite infestation may not have been active or discovered the day that the inspection was performed, but termites can infest Georgia houses year-round. Protect your investment in this new house by scheduling regular termite prevention. Find a reputable company in your area, like BREDA Pest Management, and make sure you ask if there is a warranty offered on their termite prevention service.

At BREDA, our termite guarantee is unmatched in the industry. If we find a termite infestation after initial treatment is done, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost and repair any damages caused by the termites. You will also never have to worry about price increases. Our termite guarantee locks in your rate annually, providing you with better protection and more value.

If you're tired of wondering what the pests in or around your home are doing and just want them gone, don't hesitate to give us a call. The BREDA Guarantee promises to protect your home and keep it protected—no matter the circumstances. Schedule an inspection online or give us a call at 770-466-6700.