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Understanding Mosquito Breeding Habits and Life Cycles

February 15, 2024

Title graphic: Understanding mosquito breeding habits and life cycles

Understand mosquito breeding habits so you can understand how to stay mosquito-free!

In order to achieve true mosquito control in your backyard this year, it is important that you understand the mosquito life cycle and how effective mosquito breeding prevention involves targeting the female mosquitoes. Mosquitoes reproduce quickly and require only water (not much more than a bottle cap full!) to lay eggs and keep the life cycle spinning. Keep reading to learn how to interrupt the mosquito life cycle and enjoy a mosquito-free yard this spring and summer!

mosquito life cycle

Mosquito Life Cycle

From being laid as an egg to growing into an adult, the mosquito's life cycle takes around eight days. Water is a crucial part of this life cycle, because the first three stages of a mosquito's life happen in water. Once a mosquito reaches adulthood, their lifespan varies depending on their gender. On average, male mosquitoes will live for about two weeks, and female mosquitoes can live for up to six weeks. Fun fact: when you are bit by a mosquito, you've been bit by a female; male mosquitoes don't bite!

Interrupting the Mosquito Life Cycle

As we mentioned earlier, water is a vital part of a mosquito's life cycle. If you want to reduce the mosquito populations in your backyard this year, you need to eliminate all still water sources like puddles, kiddie pools, and anything that might hold water after it's rained or been watered. Mosquitoes won't lay their eggs in moving water, so if you have a pond or water feature in your backyard, installing a fountain will help prevent mosquitoes from using that water to breed.

Mosquito Deterrent Solutions

car tire full of water mosquito breeding environment

In our previous blog, we shared that mosquito control has come a long way. Gone are the days where the only way to get relief from mosquitoes meant treating with harsh chemicals. As we have become more mindful of just how vital it is to protect beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, manufacturers have put in the time and research to engineer mosquito control treatments that will only target mosquitoes, leaving the rest of your backyard's ecosystem untouched.

BREDA uses this more natural, safe, and effective product to treat our customers' yards each year during peak mosquito season, which usually runs from March through October in Georgia. Our mosquito treatment plan involves a monthly application of an insect growth regulator (IGR) product that is effective against female mosquitoes once they come in contact with it, leaving them unable to lay eggs and therefore halting the mosquito life cycle before it can start. This product takes only a few minutes after application before you and your family (even your pets!) can walk around your backyard and enjoy the mosquito-free outdoors.

If you find yourself needing pest control and want it handled thoroughly, don't hesitate to give us a call. The BREDA Guarantee promises to fix your pest problem and keep it fixed—no matter the circumstances. Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at 770-466-6700.