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BREDA “Bug Bites” - Edible Bugs Instead of Halloween Candy?

October 15, 2022

Do bugs have nutritious value?

You might have noticed that Halloween celebrations and decorations involve a lot of bugs and critters that are typically not welcome in or around your home. We thought we would add to the fun by sharing some fun facts about real bugs that might spook you a little but are actually pretty cool!

Did you know that a cockroach contains more protein than beef?

Edible bugs are nothing new. But as more research is done and cultures more widely accept chowing down on certain insects, it does become at least more interesting just how nutritious and beneficial insects are. For example, cockroaches contain 65% protein and beef clocks in around 50%. Bugs are also not as environmentally demanding of a farm product like larger livestock like cows and pigs, which means they could be a more plentiful food source. With Halloween around the corner, wouldn't it be fun to be the talk of the neighborhood and hand out some edible bug treats like these instead of plain old candy? Just some food for thought!

Did you know there's a "halloween bug?"

You may know them as boxelder bugs, but we thought it was kind of appropriate to call them by their less technical name this month. Called the "halloween bug" for their coloring, boxelder bugs are really only an issue for plants and garden vegetation, but like stink bugs, boxelder bugs can become a nuisance indoors. They are actively seeking warm places to diapause for the winter, and your home has everything they're looking for. If you do find boxelders inside, it's better to vacuum them up or use a broom and dump them back outside. Also like stink bugs, they don't smell great when squashed, so do yourself and your nose a favor and choose a less violent extermination method.

Did you know that only 10% of brown recluse spider bites are serious enough for medical attention?

Yes, we did mention in our previous blog that spiders are not a bug you should be afraid of; however, there are a couple of heavy hitter arachnids that give spiders their bad rap. Brown recluse spiders are one of the infamous spiders that sends shivers down the spines of Georgia residents, but we are here to say that for the majority of run-ins that you might have with a brown recluse spider, any resulting bite will be minor and not require emergency medical attention. Brown recluse spiders are a type of "house spider" which means that you will inevitably run into one around your home. If you'd rather be safe than sorry, we will gladly help you evict any spiders and other creepy crawlies you have hunkering down in your house this month—just give us a call!

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