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"Do Roaches Eat Paper?" — And Other Weird Questions About Bugs

December 15, 2022

Learn some interesting facts about weird pest behavior

Bugs are weird. They live in odd places, can eat really random things, and overall, just make life a little more "icky" when they're around. As pest management professionals, we get asked a lot of questions about bugs and pests and why they are the way they are. You might think we're tired of answering questions like "do roaches eat paper" and "what does rat poop smell like," but to be honest, we love educating Georgia residents about the many pest quirks they ponder!

Here are some of the questions we've been asked recently (in case you were wondering, too!):

Do roaches eat paper?

If their usual menu items aren't available…yes, roaches will eat paper. Believe it or not, cockroaches are considered omnivores. Roaches like to eat pretty much anything they can get into their mouths, and even when there isn't food available, they can switch up their tastes for things like cardboard, adhesives, organic matter like human hair and nail clippings, and even their own shed skin—or other roaches, if they get desperate enough. Disgusted yet? Here's another horrifying fact: if they have to, roaches can live for almost a month without eating anything!

Do ants need water?

moth drinking nectar from a pink flower pollination natural pollinator
Photo by Pixabay

Like any living thing, ants will consume water, but it isn't something that draws them into your home. Ants are drawn more to food, especially food that is high in carbohydrates. Sometimes, the water that an ant needs is consumed through a food source, so they don't necessarily need to worry about finding a water supply as urgently as a food supply. That said, ants are just like any other living creature and will only last a matter of days if they do not have access to any water at all.

Why do moths exist?

If you've ever wondered what the purpose of a moth is, we completely understand the curiosity. Moths seem to exist just to fly into lights at night and get stuck flapping around indoors. Moths actually have a few qualities that make them fairly useful and necessary in nature. In a time when pollinators are more scarce, moths are somewhat overlooked for their major contribution to pollinating the plants we need for survival. In addition to helping provide us with our food, moths are also a major food source for other animals like birds.

Do frogs eat mosquitoes?

When attempting to control mosquitoes, a person will try just about any trick in the book to avoid those itching bites. When you find a trick that doesn't need any assistance from you, that makes it even better! In the world of natural pest control, frogs are heavy hitters, thanks to the vast amount of insects they like to consume. So yes, frogs do eat mosquitoes, but because they like to chow down on so many different insects, don't expect them to completely solve your mosquito problem. If you want to take care of mosquitoes effectively, enrolling in a regular treatment schedule like the one BREDA Pest Management offers will give you immediate and lasting relief from these warm weather pests.

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