Breda Pest Management is a family-owned company that has serviced the entire Metro-Atlanta area since 1973. At Breda, we believe in better service through science and technology. Our technicians use infrared cameras during inspections to help better assess the home and its pest problems. Breda provides the following residential services:

Green Pest Control:

  • Quarterly Pest Control Program - home is serviced once every 3 months inside and out. 
  • Any problems between the quarters, we come back at no charge
  • Inside & Outside serviced each time
  • 100% natural products used on the inside of the home
  • Specific appointment times – no window of arrival
  • Same technician each time
  • Price is based on the square-footage of the home

Termite Control:

  • Liquid non-repellant
  • Retreat & Repair coverage
  • Infrared inspections – no visual flashlight inspections
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Treatment price is based on lineal footage and the foundation type
  • Annual inspections with infrared camera

Rodent Control & Wildlife Exclusion:

  • Rodents only require ½” gap to enter a home
  • Common entry points include crawl space vents, crawl doors, exhaust vents, roof vents, soffit area, and areas along the fascia
  • We find and seal up all entry points
  • Remove current infestation
  • Clean-up, disinfect and sanitize the problem area(s)
  • Infrared scan to show rodent trail lines have been removed

Mosquito Control:

  • EPA approved product that only focuses on mosquitoes
  • No harm to honeybee population
  • All low lying branches, shrubs and foliage areas are treated
  • Monthly Program – mosquito season is from late March – October (first frost)
  • Price is based on the square-footage of the area treated

Bed Bugs:

  • Bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults cannot tolerate temperature above 125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bed bugs give off CO2, especially after feeding
  • We use a Bed Bug Detection System to find the adult bed bugs
  • No more wasteful washing of clothes
  • We use a combination of Heat (Dry Steam), Diatomaceous Earth, Encasements, and monitors
  • Pesticides alone WILL NOT eliminate bed bugs
  • All treatments are guaranteed
  • Education is critical when treating for bed bugs

Moisture Control:

  • Plastic barrier spread along exposed soil for 100% coverage
  • Automatic ‘Temp-Vents’ are recommended for improved ventilation
  • Prevents mold, mildew and fungi
  • Allergies and asthma problems are aggravated with excessive moisture

Yard Treatments:

  • TopChoice granules for fire ants – 1 year guarantee
  • If any ants reappear, any follow-up treatment is at no charge

Bee Removal:

  • Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are the 3 most common encountered in Georgia
  • Service includes complete removal of the nest
  • Service is guaranteed

Flea & Tick Control:

  • 100% natural product used on the inside of home for fleas
  • All yard and low lying branches in yard are treated
  • Any follow-up visits within 30 days is at no charge
“Only The Sun Outshines Our Service”