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How To Tell Georgia Ant Species Apart

How To Tell Georgia Ants Apart

Pests Found in Your HomeWhen you want your house pest free, it can be easy to lump all the pests together in hopes of... read more

Everything You Need To Know About Georgia Argentine Ants

Everything You Need To Know About Georgia Argentine Ants

Ants. Perhaps the first little critters we came across as children and often overlooked. Although we’ve all heard the... read more

Different Types of Georgia Ants and Their Effect on Your Home

A Georgia ant on a flower

If you've ever woken up only to find ants treating themselves to that box of doughnuts you were saving for the... read more

4 Ways to Fight Back Ants in Your Home

texas ant on leaf

Georgia homes are occasionally plagued by ants, especially in the colder days. Here's what to do if you're seeing ants... read more

6 Tips for Keeping Ants Away

ant on flower

Ants are a serious problem in Georgia. They march like an army through many bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the... read more

8 Places Ants Can Hide In Your House

8 Places Ants Can Hide In Your House

You may be standing in your kitchen one day and spot a pesky little ant searching for food on your kitchen counter. This... read more

Why Mosquitoes Are More Attracted to Certain People

Why is that some people can spend an entire day outside by the barbecue without any issues, while others can’t seem to step outside without attracting their own personal mosquito swarm? The simple answer is that, like any other animal, mosquitoes are more attracted to certain food... read more