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Indian Meal Moth

Adults of the Indian meal moth have a wing-spread of about ¾ inch. The front wings are tan on the front third and reddish-brown on the back two-thirds. The mature larva is about ½ inch long, and a dirty white color with a sometimes greenish or pinkish tint. The larva feeds on all kinds of grains and grain based products, seeds, powdered milk, dog food, crackers, candy, nuts, chocolate, dried fruits, and virtually all other dried foodstuffs around the home.

The Indian meal moth is found in most any stored food product, feeds in or near a tunnel-like case with frass incorporated into it, and leaves extensive webbing matted over the surface of food products upon which it feeds.

Indian Meal Moth: Plodia interpunctellaIndian Meal Moth: Plodia interpunctella

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